Typically, it is nice to meet at least twice before you go into labor. The first prenatal meeting at a public place is with no obligation to hire me. This allows us to visit and see if we are compatible, and gives opportunity for discussing any questions or concerns you may have. If you decide to hire me as your doula, after signing the required agreement, we then can schedule a second meeting.

The future meeting/s can take place in your home or at public place. We can discuss and clarify your desires for labor and birth, and plan ways to achieve them. This may include practicing and familiarizing you with different breathing and pain coping strategies, comfort measures, and labor positions. This meeting will help me better know what you desire and how I can best assist you during labor.


My fee is $450 and typically includes the following services:

Upon signing the agreement, I require a $150 retaining fee.

For availibity, or if you are interested in hiring me but are unable to afford my fee, please contact me. We may be able to work out something!