Sarah Gellenbeck

Growing up, I spent hours and hours playing with my dolls and dreamed of being a mommy. As I got older, I began to be interested in helping women during labor and birth. Now, all of those dreams have come true! I married my best friend in June of 2007. After struggling with some health issues, we were blessed with a son in November of 2009. Two years and a day later, we welcomed a sweet little girl!

In the fall of 2008, the Doula Association of Central Oklahoma (DACO, Inc.) hosted a DONA approved doula training. I attended and enjoyed it. At first I didn't do much with my training because my husband and I traveled a lot for his work. Then I was busy with my own babies. I finally fulfilled all the requirements and applied for my certification in 2012. My dream is to someday be a midwife. I hope to start training sometime soon, but in the meantime, I enjoy my non-clinical role of helping women birth.

My family

I believe life is something beautiful designed by our Creator. Childbearing was included in His plan and is truly amazing that a new little life can begin and grow inside a body! Birth is often thought of something that must just be endured. It doens't have to be that way! Yes, it can be a painful, but can overall be a pleasant and beautiful process.

My highest goal is to live in a way that pleases God. He truly is the only source of real peace in life. I enjoy flowers and gardening, spend hours studying and researching about health and nutrition, get frustrated with my limited photography skills, do a little cake decorating, and love being a wife and momma!

Best Wishes,