What is a doula?
A woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth

~ Merriam Webster dictionary

Months are spent getting ready for a new baby. A lot of attention is given to preparing a nursery and buying tiny clothes and all the other necessities for caring for a newborn. Excitement builds as the time draws near to meet a new little person. As you prepare, don't forget to plan for what has to happen first- giving birth! Often along with all the excitement comes uncertainty, anxiety, or fear. Women might wonder "How will I handle labor? Can I do it?" Of course you can! Women for centuries have given birth and with the support of an experienced doula, you can improve your chances of having a birth with fewer interventions.

Whether you are a first-time mom or have given birth multiple times, most likely you have some expectations and wishes for your labor and birth. You may want an epidural as soon as you get to the hospital or you may strongly wish for an unmedicated labor and birth. As a doula, I care about helping you have the birth that YOU want.

Birth leaves lasting memories. I hope they are pleasant for you!